instead of writing modern AUs in unnamed hip cities in hip coffeeshops with cool apartments and nightclubs and hipster bars I’m going to start writing modern AUs in settings that are more congruent with my own life experiences.

Modern AUs in rural settings.

Modern AUs where everyone needs to remember to bring their own lawn chairs to the party their friend is having on their back porch.

Modern AUs where “getting coffee” means going to McDonalds because there isn’t even a Starbucks in the town let alone a hipster independent coffeeshop.

Modern AUs where the rich guy who dresses well isn’t the son of some sort of elite businessman but the son of the guy who happens to run a large landscaping company in the town (by large I mean it has like an entire fifteen employees) and he buys his clothes at Hollister at the mall because trust me in rural towns that is fancy.

Modern AUs where the only bars in town are populated by middle-aged men just getting off work for the evening so our hot young protagonists probably wouldn’t go there.

Modern AUs in shitty small towns basically. Thrilling for no one.